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Three Moving Tips

  1. Be Ready-When you’re moving you want to be as prepared as possible! This means having a plan in place. This means knowing your inventory, how are you going to get to the next location. You may also want to recruit some members to help out You may also want to recruit some members to help out. Or call a reputable moving company like GAFFHAND! The nice thing about hiring other people to move your personal items is that it can help alleviate stress. Now you probably don’t want to move your own items for variety of reasons but movers, in general, are more than happy to do so. It may be even smart to pre-move, meaning you have all of your furniture taken apart that need to be taken apart and everything is in a box ready to go. Trust us when we say it is more stressful for everyone involved when things are already not pre-packed

  2. Bring Tools- Dollys, shoulder dollies, and power tools are very helpful when moving.. Each of these tools are designed to help make the job go a little bit faster. Tools are also designed to work with your body mechanism. Have you ever heard the saying work smarter not harder?

  3. Tip-you want to make sure you take care of the people who help you move! This means if you go through friends get them some beer or offer to buy lunch on you. Now when you hire movers they appreciate being tipped. Remember Cash is king they much more willing to provide a great service if they know somethings coming out of it.

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