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Sneakers Versus Boots

What are thooseeeee. Want to know what ninas wear.... Sneakers 👟. Get it because ninjas are known to be sneaky...

Alright, back to business, the Discussion enlists the perferable choices of footwear in a moving circumstance. Bottom line, decide in this epic battle of cons and pros.

Pros and Cons

  1. Steel Toe Boots

commercial boots are the ways to go for a variety of reasons. Imagine dropping 50+ lbs on your toe, probably going to break. great and that’s pretty much it. more insulation on a cold day

  • Comfortable

  • nice outfit


  • extra weight on your feet... dragging. Could be clumsy or cumbersom.

  1. Sneakers

  • most comfy, most afforadable, lightweight, support, be more athletic


  • little to no protection

  • easy to petrate

  • less insulation

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