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One Life Saving Moving Tool

The one item to invest in is shoulder straps. These are literal life savers. Many moving companies like Gaffhand LLC use these all the time! Depending on the job they can save backs and sometimes better than using a dolly. They work like this-

Two people stand across from each other and slip the strap underneath the item.

Each participant wraps the shoulder straps around... you guessed it the shoulders.

Lift with LEGS! Can not stress this enough. Let the strongest muscle in your body do the work.

Bada Bing Bada Boom each person will feel like Hercules. Ladies and gentlemen you have lift off.

This tool is designed to target your strongest muscle. When items are picked up “normally” more arm muscles are used, which can stress them out. for this tool, you just need your arms to balance the item your lifting. Get ready to lift off at ease.

Check us out here for more info... check out the YouTube videos specifically to learn moving trucks and tips! Remember Gaffhand is happy to provide a helping hand.

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