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Huge Moving Tip

Got to LOVE the Simpsons... classic goofballs of our century, able to put laughs on faces, even at the most stressful times. Moving can be stressful! Homer demonstrates our helpful tip for the day and it’s not jumping out of a moving vehicle 🚗.

Lift what you can!

As Homer demonstrated he was able to lift one box. in order to be efficient, you need energy. Moving is a marathon not a race. Lift only what you can. This is what the most experienced movers will tell you. When most movers start they will lift as much as they can in every trip! This will cause muscles to be cramped and cause fatigue. Not only will this look weird or perhaps unprofessional, but also, nobody wants to see someone straining.

Use tools when you can! That is what they are for. Work smarter not harder... sometimes you can lift 4 boxes or even a fridge on a dolly versus those scrawny arms. Until people start hitting the gym like Arnold Schwarzenegger... go easy.

Key Points:

- Take it easy

- Relax

- It is a marathon, not a race

-Do not forget to check out, or their facebook, or instagram...





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