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How to Squat

Sounds simple... right?

It is so surprising how many people do this wrong! The back will be thanking you later and you won’t end up like this guy...

So a couple things wrong here:

  1. lifted above his maximum weight

  2. did not breath

  3. bent forward

  4. bad, very bad spotter

these items are to be avoided at all cost! Keep these minds in the back of your mind on your next squat! Now he did everything right up until a point. As you can see he was using a majorities of his leg stretch, but then about 90% into it he got messed up!!! You can definitely tell when he knew he fucked up

Done properly- this is how it should be done.

As you can see your legs are your strongest muscle! look at this girl go!! Now that’s power!!! Notice-

  1. she lifted with her legs

  2. never bent her back, kept it straight!

  3. used proper technique

  4. never bent forward

Always approach the item with caution, the slightest mishap can mess you up! Know your strength... literally.

The squat can be broken down simply- It’s like sitting in a chair, power must be felt in the back heels. The power is not derived from the tippy toes like ballerina. The legs must be 90 degree while keeping the back straight, as possible, like a pencil. Breathing is key. If the back feels like it’s going forward at any point in time, set the weight down, and drop the weight. Comfort is key to make sure nobody gets hurt.

Good luck and May the squat force be with you!

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